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According to, some “photos” of an Apple MacBook mini netbook have been making the rounds on the tubes lately.  I would love an Apple netbook to take to class or pop in my bag when I go on a short road trip.  And a machine that looks like this one would certainly be awesome  But, something tells me these aren’t real.  People on 9 to 5 Mac are going on and on about flubbed gradients and tell-tale Photoshop artifacts.  (Which, I’d like to point out, several people did the same thing when the photos of a new Mac mini were floating around, some to extreme. And…they were wrong.)  But, all I see is that the keys look taller than the well surrounding them.  It seems to me that they would mar the screen.

Either way, I really hope Apple comes out with something like this, as I really don’t want to have to hack an EeePc just to have a small portable Mac.