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MSNBC has published a memo from the Clinton campaign emphasizing that Obama won’t have the 2210 delegates needed to claim victory if he wins Iowa tomorrow night. Well, that’s counting Florida and Michigan, which have not (to my knowledge) been accepted. Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know, it’s not over, blah blah blah blah…Florida and Michigan, etc., etc. It’s the same song and dance from Hillary, and that has little to do with why I’m recommending the link.

But what I really enjoyed was reading the comments, and the numerous creative ways in which people said “Deal with it..go home.”

Here’s my favorite:

Give it up Hillary.

You gave a beautiful performance, but now your campaign has jumped the shark and you’re starting to look like a singer who won’t get off the stage after the curtains have closed, the band has stopped playing, the audience has left, and the lights have been turned off.