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Being broke as I am, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an actual job instead of pandering around for work studies that don’t materialize. I will likely not get one due to school requirements, but the idea’s been fluttering around in my head anyway. So, I figured…why not check with the local Apple Store? After all, I love Apple, and it’d be awesome to earn money for loving them. 🙂

So, I go to the Apple website and look through their employment section. I pull up the job descriptions
and…well, if I was to get a job at the Apple Store, I’d definitely want to work under the title of Apple Concierge. I mean, forget the description—just the title alone is worth giving it top consideration.

“So, what do you do apart from school?…do you work anywhere?”

“Yeah. I work in the Apple Store.”

“Oh, cool…so, do you sell iPods or what?”

“Oh, no. Sales isn’t my thing. They chose to put me in the Concierge department.”

“Concierge? Wow……..*starry eyes*”

And, this is me just speaking as a college student, but…anything that I can tell people that would add any amount of prestige to my existence—which usually consists of surviving on Ritz Bits and Yoo-hoo while trying to get my homework done before I reach the point of screaming out of rage and jumping out of my window—that’s a wonderful thing.

Well, as if the title isn’t enough, I read the job description, and I was floored. It’s either the cheesiest position write-up ever done, or it’s the most beautiful. Decide for yourself:

Job title : Concierge
Business Group : United States-Retail
Job description : Apple builds the coolest products on earth. And Apple builds the most beautiful stores. But the real secret behind the success of the fastest-growing retail chain in history is our commitment to the customer. Apple is already known for legendary service and now we are extending that experience with the Apple Store Concierge.

Meet the Apple Store Concierge

Perfect customer service:

• Verbally embraces the customer with a five-star welcome and a fond farewell
• Can orchestrate the store adventure in the best possible way
• Understands customer needs and connects them to the right person at the right time
• Provides every customer with a superior customer experiencePerfect fit:

• You exude warmth, energy and charisma
• You love meeting new people, you inspire them
• You thrive on the unexpected
• You get people, and people get you
• You have a passion for customer service
• You have a passion for Apple products
• You nurture all budding technology crushes and lifelong Apple love affairs


Reading it almost gets me teary-eyed…

You know, if only class descriptions sounded this good. I could probably be talked into taking a class on the history of the toothpick. 😀


With an army of “me”
We invent our own enemies
Man versus machine
And the dirty second hands
—Switchfoot, “Dirty Second Hands”

This afternoon, I sold my soul to Verizon Wireless for another two years. Branded servitude aside, I now have a brand new Samsung SCH u540 with a free month of mobile web. So I’m pretty excited.

Now, I’m sitting at UT hospital with my dad who is suffering from dizziness. We’re having fun playing with the pencils on the Group W bench and discussing whether “fangled” is an adverb or an adjective. I’m also having a grand time exploring the breadth of the Interweb as experienced via a mobile device. It fascinates both of us a great deal: facebook, GMail, flickr, and the ability to post to WordPress.

It’s fun. Yet, it’s also just one more product of a culture that increasingly demands instant access to whatever information it pleases. In fact, it is not just a product of the culture, but a product for the culture. And the moments of time that are so precious to us become casualties of convenience and a false sense of productivity.