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According to, some “photos” of an Apple MacBook mini netbook have been making the rounds on the tubes lately.  I would love an Apple netbook to take to class or pop in my bag when I go on a short road trip.  And a machine that looks like this one would certainly be awesome  But, something tells me these aren’t real.  People on 9 to 5 Mac are going on and on about flubbed gradients and tell-tale Photoshop artifacts.  (Which, I’d like to point out, several people did the same thing when the photos of a new Mac mini were floating around, some to extreme. And…they were wrong.)  But, all I see is that the keys look taller than the well surrounding them.  It seems to me that they would mar the screen.

Either way, I really hope Apple comes out with something like this, as I really don’t want to have to hack an EeePc just to have a small portable Mac.


I recently found out that my university has a full fledged multimedia studio, complete with equipment you can checkout. Before checking out the cameras, you have to go through an online certification. I did it today just prior to OCF, thinking it would be some boring “and this is where you plug the blah blah in” sort of thing.

I was wrong.

I was horribly wrong.

Take a look here. A couple of minutes is all you need.

P.S. The trip to Nickville is off this weekend…stupid biology test. 😛

A few thoughts…

–Last year, I wrote about my Charlie Brown Christmas and the possible end of a 30-something-year tradition in my family. Well, I’m actually quite content in reporting that it ended this year (that is, we didn’t have it), though for reasons different from what threatened it last year. It was brought about by a certain needed movement in our family life, and for that, I’m grateful. I’m also thankful that it precisely isn’t because of the issues I discussed last year. Essentially, it was caused by someone’s personal progress and not someone else’s personal tragedies.

–The 2008 OCF College Conference is coming up in two days. Wow. It seems that just yesterday I was telling some friends that I would be seeing them in 10 days. And now it will much sooner be upon us. Last year, I was a first-time attendee and was awestruck at what I experienced, being so impressed by the love and friendship and spiritual focus and unspeakable “other goodness” (for want of a better term). (Oh…and, did I mention that’s how I was introduced to Sheetz? 😀 ) This year, I’m a member of the OCF Student Advisory Board and someone who is hoping to be involved in an upcoming object called the OCF Podcast (until something catchier develops…), something I proposed to our executive director this past summer. To my knowledge, I was the first person to seriously mention it in as much detail as I did. I assume this because I didn’t hear back, “We’re already working on it,” but “Hey…that’s a great idea. Let’s talk more about this in a few days when I get back home.” For once, I’m in a place where people listen intently to the ideas I have and are brave enough to explore, rather than putting me off and assuring they’ll “get back to me.” I can’t wait to tell this to our fellow students at the conference, because it’s what our organization is built on: listening to the students and shaping OCF to serve them and the greater community to the best of everyone’s ability. If they will listen to me, they’ll listen to anyone. I hope someone is encouraged by this, has some spark of an idea, and runs with it…and ends up blowing us all away. What a joy that would be.

At any rate, we’re going to try and record as much of the talks as humanly possible, as well as gather some photos and other randomness throughout each day and and post it all either to or If we post anything, I’ll link to it here.

–I’m grateful for super cheap airfare, enabling me to jump down to Florida shortly after my return from the conference so that I can meet Tiffany’s family. Though, the idea of it being warm enough to visit the beach in January slightly weirds me out.

–For the first time in years, the grades I’ve received so far for my semester’s work do not go below a “c”. I still have an incomplete in one class, but that will be dealt with shortly, and I’ll likely do fine. Also, there are no plans whatsoever to change majors or schools anytime soon. In fact, I’m adding a minor–in journalism. 🙂 Couple that with the news I discussed about OCF and the Podcast and so on, and you’ll have an idea of where I’d like to be heading as far as career preparation.

–In semi-related computer comments: If you’re a writer of any type who is easily distracted, and your computer of choice is Mac, I highly recommend a little app called WriteRoom. It makes your entire screen black and puts a little blinking green block-style cursor in front of you, making it easy to just write. No distractions, no menubars, no Firefox windows in the background…just the appearance of typing on an old Apple //e. It’s what I used to write this and my last post on being lost in Virginia, and I’m very pleased with it.

–Speaking of writing, I want to continue to thank the people who read twelve:one, whether regularly or just passing through. And thanks to those who have put me on their blogrolls. Honestly, I am frequently surprised and humbled by the stats that show up in my dashboard when I check it. Someone from China viewed one of my entries through Google translator the other day. How cool is that?!? Also, the fact that I average roughly 20-35 hits daily for one entry alone (“To Write Love On Her Arms“) is indicative of a) the growing amount of exposure for the organization, and b) the aching need many have in our society…and communities and workplaces and households…for signs that hope and rescue can be something they can experience. If you’re one of those people, I hope you can find such signs in the joy of this season—which, I know, isn’t joyous for everyone. If you’re not one of those people, then, please, be that sign to someone. Smile, or offer a hand or an ear or your time this Christmas and into the New Year.

Anyway, back to the writing…:) Thanks for reading and for your comments made both on and off the record. It is through your encouragement that I’ve decided to look into media production for OCF and to minor in journalism. Basically, you’ve helped this writer get a slightly better handle on his future than he would have had otherwise. Thank you.

–It’s Christmas. It’s the celebration of when love and grace and redemption broke into our chaotic world. By the Incarnation—and the Resurrection—we are moved to freely love, serve, and forgive. Even if you’re not Christian, I ask that you consider allowing these things to break into your life. Let go of bitterness and malice and rage and slander and vengeance…and let go of yourself. Embrace the unspeakable wonder that is selfless love. For those who want to lengthen their days, it’s an imperative. (Research actually shows this time and again.) In fact, some say you can live forever if you desire that your life be transformed by Love. But, even if you’ve no interest in true Christianity, give love a shot. It’s amazing how much your existing world, with all its bitterness and cares and worries and vendettas, can crumble, while a new one is built up in the place of the old one. Yeah, you’ll likely still have some of those things for a while, maybe as long as you live. But you’ll be a million times better the more you can let go and forgive in love. Try to be a humble example of redemption to someone you know.

–Ill leave you with this hymn, one that we Orthodox will hear plenty over the next week:

Thy Nativity, O Christ our God,

Has shown to the world the light of wisdom.

For by it those who worshipped the stars,

Were taught by a star to adore Thee,

The Sun of Righteousness.

And to know Thee the Orient from on high,

O Lord, Glory to Thee!

Troparion for Christmas Day

Merry Christmas. Christ is born! Glorify him!

Being broke as I am, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting an actual job instead of pandering around for work studies that don’t materialize. I will likely not get one due to school requirements, but the idea’s been fluttering around in my head anyway. So, I figured…why not check with the local Apple Store? After all, I love Apple, and it’d be awesome to earn money for loving them. 🙂

So, I go to the Apple website and look through their employment section. I pull up the job descriptions
and…well, if I was to get a job at the Apple Store, I’d definitely want to work under the title of Apple Concierge. I mean, forget the description—just the title alone is worth giving it top consideration.

“So, what do you do apart from school?…do you work anywhere?”

“Yeah. I work in the Apple Store.”

“Oh, cool…so, do you sell iPods or what?”

“Oh, no. Sales isn’t my thing. They chose to put me in the Concierge department.”

“Concierge? Wow……..*starry eyes*”

And, this is me just speaking as a college student, but…anything that I can tell people that would add any amount of prestige to my existence—which usually consists of surviving on Ritz Bits and Yoo-hoo while trying to get my homework done before I reach the point of screaming out of rage and jumping out of my window—that’s a wonderful thing.

Well, as if the title isn’t enough, I read the job description, and I was floored. It’s either the cheesiest position write-up ever done, or it’s the most beautiful. Decide for yourself:

Job title : Concierge
Business Group : United States-Retail
Job description : Apple builds the coolest products on earth. And Apple builds the most beautiful stores. But the real secret behind the success of the fastest-growing retail chain in history is our commitment to the customer. Apple is already known for legendary service and now we are extending that experience with the Apple Store Concierge.

Meet the Apple Store Concierge

Perfect customer service:

• Verbally embraces the customer with a five-star welcome and a fond farewell
• Can orchestrate the store adventure in the best possible way
• Understands customer needs and connects them to the right person at the right time
• Provides every customer with a superior customer experiencePerfect fit:

• You exude warmth, energy and charisma
• You love meeting new people, you inspire them
• You thrive on the unexpected
• You get people, and people get you
• You have a passion for customer service
• You have a passion for Apple products
• You nurture all budding technology crushes and lifelong Apple love affairs


Reading it almost gets me teary-eyed…

You know, if only class descriptions sounded this good. I could probably be talked into taking a class on the history of the toothpick. 😀