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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Found a very interesting debate from Newsweek between Sam Harris (The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation) and Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life).  Take a look here.

Also, when gathering the inks for this post, I noticed that Mr. Harris, as part of ongoing research, is seeking volunteers to answer surveys regarding beliefs.  “We especially need Christians to respond, as one of the goals of these surveys is to design stimuli that a majority of Christians will find doctrinally sound.”

I do not envy him.


MSNBC has published a memo from the Clinton campaign emphasizing that Obama won’t have the 2210 delegates needed to claim victory if he wins Iowa tomorrow night. Well, that’s counting Florida and Michigan, which have not (to my knowledge) been accepted. Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know, it’s not over, blah blah blah blah…Florida and Michigan, etc., etc. It’s the same song and dance from Hillary, and that has little to do with why I’m recommending the link.

But what I really enjoyed was reading the comments, and the numerous creative ways in which people said “Deal with it..go home.”

Here’s my favorite:

Give it up Hillary.

You gave a beautiful performance, but now your campaign has jumped the shark and you’re starting to look like a singer who won’t get off the stage after the curtains have closed, the band has stopped playing, the audience has left, and the lights have been turned off.


I ask your prayers tonight, as I am in the Malabar area of Florida where there are some vicious brush fires.  I’m staying with my girlfriend Tiffany and her family at their home, and we’ve begun to talk about packing for a possible evacuation.  There is plenty more that we’re dealing with related to it, but I’ll spare you the details.

I’ve never been involved with anything like this, so I’m just a little frazzled.

I’m sitting in room 223 of Greve Hall, which should be (and is supposed to be) empty by 3 this afternoon. (God help me.) As I’m scurrying around (read: spastically freaking out and chasing my own tail), I’m thinking about how this school year was different. For the first time ever, I ended the semester taking the same classes with which I started out, not dropping one class or changing a single section. Also, I actually finished all of them. That hasn’t happened in years. And, by my estimation, I should pass all of them. I wish the grades overall could be better, and they could be, to be sure. But, that I can say that I’ll have all 5 grades and that I didn’t give up in the middle of the semester (or at the beginning, for that matter)…that is a miracle.

Outside of school, I’ve gained a wonderful girlfriend, I’ve learned some things I’ve pretty good at, I’ve learned one thing I’m not great at (being a regional representative for an organization…my brain just doesn’t work that way 🙂 ), I’ve made some new friends, and I’ve had a number of adventures. Not to mention loads of great memories.

And you can check out some of those memories by viewing the slideshow below. The music is me playing/singing part of “Dare You To Move” with my friend Bekah when we were hanging out after this year’s OCF College Conference. Last summer, my friend Laura said that it’s a good song (and a good message) for me. I couldn’t agree more.

“Maybe redemption has stories to tell.”

Maybe it does.

Maybe this is a sample of Chapter 1.

It’s finals time. At this point, I have 3 down and 4 more to go, including two for an Incomplete from the fall semester. This song by They Might Be Giants sums up my life right now.

P.S. For more finals week goodness, check out the latest OCF Podcast and listen to an awesome conversation an OCFer at UCONN had with Dr. Al Rossi about finding peace during this crazy time.

When I met my girlfriend Tiffany back in September, she could best be described as a melting pot of religious views, with the primary views flipping back-and-forth between agnosticism and atheism, as far as I could tell.

Today, almost 8 months later, she became a catechumen in the Orthodox Christian Church.  And it’s funny, really. After Pascha, she was talking to me about how she had started to feel something that she’s never felt before but has always wanted to feel. She also explained that she had started to fight her doubts against faith which linger in spite of this new feeling. I explained that St. Thomas had a situation where he dealt with a bit of doubt, and that, as a result (long story short), Christ said that those who don’t see and believe are even more blessed than Thomas was.

And, then, we get to church, she gets enrolled into the catechumenate, and I look down at the bulletin to find out that, lo and behold, it’s Thomas Sunday.

God is cool. 🙂

O Lord, our God, Who dwellest on high and regardest the humble of heart; Who hast sent forth as the salvation of mankind Thine Only-begotten Son and God, our Lord Jesus Christ; look down upon Thy servants, the catechumens, who have bowed their heads before Thee; make them worthy in due season of the laver of regeneration. Unite them to thy Holy, Universal and Apostolic Church, and number them with Thy chosen flock. That they also with us may glorify Thy most honorable and majestic Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.