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Back in December, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dn. Nicholas Belcher, the keynote speaker at the 2007 OCF College Conference. This was done right before he had to leave with his wife Sonia and their four-month-old son to visit the grandparents in WV to give them their first in-the-flesh encounter with baby Andrew. As we got closer to wrapping, Sonia looked very impatient and worried that they wouldn’t get out in decent time. All the while, she bore the look and the personality of kindness. It left me wishing that there had been more time so I could introduce myself properly and get to know her more than that one moment.

I remain wishing. And I will remain so, sadly.

Last Wednesday night, Sonia Daly-Belcher suffered a pulmonary embolism that resulted in her death. This is news that affects many people—OCFers, SAB, and a few of the graduates from St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York, where Dn. Nicholas graduated in the class of 2003 (I believe). Not to mention countless friends, family, acquaintances, and untold numbers of campers from Orthodox summer camps, where Dn. Nick is known to love dedicating time in service. Plus, students from Holy Cross Hellenic College in Brookline, MA, where Dn. Nicholas works in the office of vocation.

Pray for the Belcher family and for the repose of the handmaiden of God Sonia. May her memory be eternal!

And if ANYONE is interested in making donations of any size to a fund that has been established for baby Andrew, you may contact me here and I’ll be happy to provide that information.


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