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I recently found out that my university has a full fledged multimedia studio, complete with equipment you can checkout. Before checking out the cameras, you have to go through an online certification. I did it today just prior to OCF, thinking it would be some boring “and this is where you plug the blah blah in” sort of thing.

I was wrong.

I was horribly wrong.

Take a look here. A couple of minutes is all you need.

P.S. The trip to Nickville is off this weekend…stupid biology test. 😛



  1. Since it will only let students with ID’s in, why not end the suspense for those of us who get your feed but are NOT students and tell us what scared. you. to. death??? 🙂

    Think of you and Tiff often; please tell her hello for me.

  2. No need. I changed the link to the swf file. 🙂 And, to be honest, not all of it is that awful. But, every once in a while, it makes me want to shoot myself.

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